Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lets get started so that we can finish!!

Get ready, Get set, GO!!! Terms that inspire movement. Here at Broward College we love to provide access to our students and engage them in learning, growing, and success. We promote the culture of "Finish what you start". Our culture is wrapped around six basic steps for success and degree/certificate completion:
1. Define yourself- What do you want to do? What is your purpose at BC?
2. Create an Education Plan- "If you dont plan to succeed, you have already planned to fail".
3. Get Financial Aid- Funding for your goals is available and students must do whats needed to get and keep it.
4. Register Early- Research has shown that students who register and get their desired schedules early are more likely to complete their classes and be successful.
5. Attend and Finish Classes- Broward College has a host of tools and resources to assist students to finish the classes that they start in any term. "W" stands for "Will continue" at BC and not Withdraw. Its written on our hearts and not our transcripts.
6. Maintain your GPA- A healthy GPA is very important to success. We dont just "get by" we excel at BC.
This culture of Finish what you start is everywhere at BC. Visit our campus/centers and you will hear and see these words. Visit our classrooms and you will see these words in action.

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